We partnered with a range of authentic, multi-faceted people who embody the spirit of Live.Light. Those who live life to the full, with passion and positivity; open-mindedness and an on-the-go lifestyle
Live Passionate, Live.Light

Meet Clara Sojung Tan

Clara is an engineer by day, and loves to get into the dance studio once work is done.

For her, Live.Light means being accepting and open to great things coming your way. Embracing the opportunity you have in the moment, and letting life express itself through you.

“I chose engineering because it’s a really constructive and practical way of making a direct change to my customers, helping them to develop their products and systems. And I use creative lateral thinking drawing from my strengths in art to create truly innovative solutions that last.”

“When it comes to dancing, art is the message, the ‘why’. It communicates and connects. It’s the expression of the energy and feelings we have. Art, through dance, is the creation of new worlds.”

“To go about my day, I really do like to pick my tools well. Backpack, headphones, shoes, etc. My gear has to work for me no matter what I’m doing.”