We partnered with a range of authentic, multi-faceted people who embody the spirit of Live.Light. Those who live life to the full, with passion and positivity; open-mindedness and an on-the-go lifestyle
Live Bold, Live.Light


Sapphire is a Vox pop journalist by day, and loves to get on the football pitch once work is done.

For her, Live Light means being able to spend your days doing the things you enjoy most in life. And for me, that’s journalism and football. Being able to fit those into both my 9-5 and 5-9, means I’m always doing something that I love.


“I’m lucky to be able to spend my 9-5 doing something I truly enjoy. Journalism and reporting are special to me because all my work is mine, all the ideas are mine, the questions, the jokes, the creative direction are mine. It gives me confidence knowing that I’m in complete control of my portfolio”

Football for me is a great release from the day-to-day. It allows you to forget everything apart from being on the pitch. And it gives me a channel for self-improvement. Working on my skills and fitness

“Being out-and-about and on the move, I need to be able to take everything I need with me wherever I go.”